Saturday, January 31, 2015

Washington Syrah v. Barossa Shiraz

The Tour Down Under is another top level Southern Hemisphere bike race the pros like to use for early season racing.  It gives them a chance to stretch their legs and relax with a Fosters (or two).  The pros with bigger contracts might spend more of their time tasting the wines of Australia culminating with The Grange from Penfolds.

Most of the pro racers head to Australia for the warm weather and casual early season racing.  The race is well organized and offers an opportunity to visit a part of the world that doesn't host many top level races.  The Australian pros always show up in top form ready to battle it out for the overall victory.  This year was no exception with Rohan Denis taking the overall victory.

Speaking of battling and victory, this week's challenge features an Australian Shiraz from John Duval -  the Penfolds' Grange master himself - taking on a unique Washington Syrah from Owen Roe.

2011 Owen Roe Ex Umbris v. 2012 John Duval Entity

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Washington Malbec v. Mendoza

Let's kickoff the new year in Argentina.  Those are the words you are likely to hear from a wine drinker that favors Malbec.  Those are also the words you are likely to hear from many professional road cyclists at this time of year.

One of the first popular stage races of the year takes place in Argentina.  The warmer weather makes it a great place for the pros to start their race schedule as they build toward their season's major race objectives that will take place in Italy, France or Spain.

The Tour de San Luis gives the riders a chance to knock the rust off and begin to put some race miles into their legs.  It also gives us a great chance to see how Washington Malbec stacks up against Argentinian Malbec.

Argentina has become the new home of Malbec ever since France dropped Malbec like a bike racer that just failed their latest out of competition drug test.

On to our first Lucha Vino challenge of the new year.  Where, neither of the combatants have failed a drug test (at least as far as we know...).

2008 Nota Bena Malbec vs. 2010 Achaval Ferrer Mendoza Malbec