Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Rules

Every competition has to have rules.  Without rules it would be one of two things: Not a competition or Chaos.  Even with rules a match can often spiral in to chaos.  We will try to avoid chaos here, but there are no guarantees.

Now, on to The Rules of Lucha Vino.

  1. All competitions will consist of at least one Washington state wine and an equal number of out of state challengers selected to represent a specific region around the world.
  2. There can be more than one wine per side.  Both sides will have an equal number of combatants.
  3. Competitors will be matched on Cost, Vintage and Varietal.  When blends are matched up they will be selected based on the dominant varietal in the blend.
  4. Purchase price and location will be included in the match statistics.
  5. Each match will consist of three rounds.  Each round is worth 1 point.
  6. Round 1 will be based on the character of the wine immediately upon opening.  This round will judge the competitors "quickness" or "speed."  How fast will the wine be at a point of maximum enjoyment?
  7. Round 2 will be based on the character of the wine after an hour (or so) of air.  This round will judge the competitors "stamina."  How well does the wine hold up to exposure to air.
  8. Round 3 will be based on the character of the wine on day number 2 (or the end of the evening).  This round will judge the competitors long term stability.  How well does the wine hold up over a longer period of time.
  9. Style points will be awarded based on overall quality of the wine (based on my semi-educated palate) and possibly fancy labels and other marketing schemes.
  10. The winner of each match will be determined by points earned in the first three rounds combined with style points.  The wine that earns the most points wins the match.
  11. All results are final.  
  12. Results may be contested, but are unlikely to be overturned.
  13. There is no rule #13.

Are you interested in contributing to the Lucha Vino rule book?  Include your ideas in the comments section for consideration.  All submissions will be reviewed at the next meeting of the Lucha Vino Executive Board.

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