Monday, May 23, 2011

Washington Primitivo v. Italy

The Giro d' Italia is still happening in Italy.  The riders are just finishing up the second week and have one more to go.  They went through Southern Italy early in the week so this week's match features the Primitivo grape.

Washington State Primitivo from the Wahluke Slope v. Puglia

Forgeron 2007 Primitivo v. Prima-Amano Primitivo Puglia 2006

Tale of the tape

2007 Forgeron Primitivo

100% Primitivo from Stone Tree Vineyard on the Wahluke Slope. Aged in American Oak 40% new.
Purchased for $30.00 at Bin 41 at a tasting with the wine maker - Thanks for helping me make the Luchador selections this week.

2006 Prima-Amana Primitivo Puglia

100% Primitivo aged for seven months in a mixture of 75% French oak, 20% one year old American oak and 5% chestnut, cherry and Slovenian oak.
Purchased for $7.99 from Garagiste.

Whoa.  I didn't look at these Luchadors credentials before the selection.  This could get ugly in a hury based on the price difference...

Round 1.  First Opening:

Right from the beginning is was clear that these two luchadors have very different styles.  The WA State Primitivo is big and bold - perhaps honoring Randy Macho Man Savage with an Atomic Elbow Drop off the top rope.  The french oponent is taking a different tactic - Cat Woman style, she is gaining your trust and confidence through sweetness.  Yet, seems to be waiting to pounce when you let your guard down.

The Forgeron is showing toasty earth, barnyard and red fruit on the nose with a rich toasted red fruit palate with a slightly dry cedar spice finish

The Prima-Amano is showing a dusty sweet plum nose with tart plum and figs on the palate with a tart cedar finish.

The Forgeron did pay homage to the Macho Man, coming into the ring draped in sequined robes showing plenty of flash and flexing some serious Wahluke slope muscle.

Round 1 goes to Forgeron, our WA State Luchador.

Round 2.  One hour after Opening

The Forgeron has developed a nose of dark fruit, espresso, leather and cedar spice with a similar palate that also includes a touch of menthol and a nice semi-chocolate cinnamon spice finish.

The Prima-Amano has developed a nose of fig and black licorice and similar palate with a somewhat watery finish.

Round 2 is dominated by the Forgeron which continues to get stronger.  The Prima-Amano has taken on a richer black licorice character, but this chameleon cannot withstand the power of Forgeron.

Round 3. One day later

Forgeron is showing a nose that is toasty dark red fruit and cedar spice box with some light white pepper.  The palate is dry dark red fruit, spice cinnomon & light white pepper especially on the finish.

The  Prima-Amano has a nose of herbs, forest floor and black licorice with sweet black fruit, fig and licorice palate that fades to a sweetly acidic finish.

Both Luchadors have held their Round 2 form.  That is the good news for Prma-Amano.  The bad news is that the Forgeron is still a fearsome foe.

Round 3 goes to Forgeron for a clean sweep of all three rounds. 

Wrap up and over all observations

Another match totally dominated by the Luchador from Washington state.  Both wines transformed with air and held their ground into round three.  The Forgeron showed a very different style than the Prima-Amano even though they are both made from the same grape.  The WA State Primitivo definitely pummeled the Puglia Primitivo in this bout.

I would rate the Prima-Amano an 85 and the Forgeron an 88.

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