Monday, January 2, 2012

Washington Bubbles V. Euro Bubbles

Ringing in the New Year with bubbles!

This week features two matches turning up the heat on the Luchadors like being dropped into a bubbling caldron of pain.

Match #1

Treveri Cellars Blanc de Blanc v. Duval Leroy Brut Champagne

You may have heard that Treveri Cellars sparkling wine was selected to be served at the White House.  That leaves high expectations for our Luchador from Washington in this matchup with the Grandaddy of sparkling wine - Champagne the Real Deal from France.

Treveri Cellars Riesling Blanc de Blanc

From the Columbia Valley featuring 100% Riesling.

The nose is showing smokey pear and melon with some hints of fresh baked bread.

The palate is tangy green apple with some hints of honey.

There are load of bubbles sparkling across your tongue like pop rocks gone wild!

Duval Leroy Brut

From Champagne featuring Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The nose is smokey melon.

The palate is tart citrus notes of lemon with light hints of melon.

The Real Deal also show loads of excitement with bubbles galore ricocheting around your mouth like millions of flubber molecules.

This match lasted nearly as long as the last UFC heavy weight fight.  Which means not very long. The Treveri Cellars laughed in the face of the Real Deal, entering the ring with confidence and swagger most likely achieved by hanging out with Obama at the White House.

Treveri demonstrated bold character on the nose and palate.  The Duval Leroy was bitter, bordering on sour.  Perhaps this Luchador was harboring ill will for the aclaim this relative new comer has garnered.

Both Luchadors showed plenty of bubbles dancing across your tongue like rogue river dancers.  However, the bubbles were not enough for The Real Deal to rise to the occasion suffering a TKO in the first round.  Treveri Cellars takes match #1.

Match #2

Treveri Cellars is sending another Washington State Luchador into the ring.  This time it is the Syrah Brut sparkling wine taking on a Lambrusco from Tenuta Pederzana that likes to go by the name Italian Stallion.

Treveri Cellars Syrah Brut v. Gibe Lambrusco

Treveri Cellars Syrah Brut

From the Columbia Valley AVA featuring 100% Syrah.

The nose shows dark sweet plum and blackberries.

The palate shows similar dark notes of plum and blackberry along with some notes of dried leather and brambles.

This Luchador is showing split personality.  One moment sweet and innocent the next dark and brooding.  This combination of characters is boiling over barely keeping a lid on the bubbles.  All of this adds up to one wicked competitor in the ring.

 Gibe Lambrusco

From the Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC featuring 100% Grasparossa.

The nose shows dark sweet currant and black cherry with some notes of brambles and underbrush.

The palate shows light raspberry and rhubarb tartness on the finish with a sense of lightness in the bubbles prancing across your tongue.

This Luchador puts up a big front with a bold, dark and punishing nose.  Yet, has a sense of finesse that comes through in the lightness expressed on the palate.

This matchup was much closer than the first.  Both of these Luchadors are hard to read, showing a variety of personalities that were harder to decipher than a bad Stephen King movie.  The Italian Stallion from Lambrusco may not have lived up to the "Italian Stallion" moniker, but it did certainly display character and substance worthy of a top contender.

The Treveri Cellars did not fall for the Italian Stallion misdirection taking the fight directly at the Lambrusco.  In the end the battle was close, but the Treveri Cellars took the slim victory by showing unmatched strength and stamina.

Treveri Cellars also takes match #2 for a clean sweep.  These bubbles from Yakima are really impressive.  There is little wonder that the White House has selected this sparkler to represent the U.S. of A.


  1. FYI, Treveri is based in Yakima. I don't know all their fruit sources, but I don't think Walla Walla is among them. The Walla Walla producer of bubbly is Tru Cellars.

  2. We also HIGHLY recommend the Effervescing Elephant from Masquerade. This is made methode champenoise with pinto meunier, chardonnay, and pinot noir. It's spectacular and gives most Champagne champagnes a good run.

  3. Thanks Tuck. I will make that update from Walla Walla to Yakima.

    Cypress. I have a bottle of the Masquerade in the wine fridge! Can't wait to put it up against another French challenger.