Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Red Mountain Rivalry

Have you ever witnessed an internal struggle for control of a team?  There have been many famous instances of in-fighting in the pro peloton.  Young Turk v. Old Veteran, American v. French etc. etc.

Two of the more famous battles in the Tour de France included the same protagonists: Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault.

In 1985 Hinault played some wicked tricks on Lemond in order to win le Tour. After winning, he promised to support Lemond's bid for victory in 1986.  That promise did not last long, but Hinault's lack of integrity did not pay off with a French victory.  In fact, it was Lemond that pulled through with the victory despite Hinault's efforts to win the Grand Boucle himself.

Another classic internal team battle raged in 2009 between Lance Armstrong and Alberto Cantador, both riding for Astana and both demanding to be the Astana team leader.

With just a little over two weeks to go until the start of the 2012 Tour de France the Lucha Vino challenge reflects on internal rivalries featuring a Battle Royale between two Laurelhurst Cabernet Sauvignons from Red Mountain.

2008 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon v. 2008 Klipsun Cabernet Sauvignon  Both from Laurelhurst Cellars.

These wines are made from grapes grown on Red Mountain.  The only thing that separates the two vineyards is a dirt road.  These two Luchadors are ready to throw down in a battle to see who will own the road and claim the family's Red Mountain supremacy.

Tale of the Tape

2008 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

100% Cabernet Sauvignon hand picked from the Kiona (90%) and Klipsun (10%) vineyards

Aged in 80% new French Oak Barrels

Provided as a sample by the winery.  Available for purchase at the winery for $38.00

2008 Klipsun Cabernet Sauvignon 

100% Cabernet Sauvignon hand picked from the Kiona Vineyard

Aged in 80% new French Oak Barrels.

Provided as a sample by the winery.  Available for purchase at the winery for $45.00.

Round 1. First opening

Klipsun storms into the ring looking for trouble.  The nose is showing menthol, licorice, currants and  dark dusty fruit.  The palate is equally big with black cherry, toffee and semi sweet chocolate with an espresso bean and toffee finish.

The Klipsun bruiser is a bit confused, searching the ring for the Red Mountain opponent.  What's this?  Swinging in from the rafters Red Mountain is flashing some serious style.  The nose is full of ripe bing cherries, dusty spices and candle wax.  The palate shows some stylish swagger with tart coffee bean and cherries with a tart clove spice finish that resolves to subtle notes of semi sweet chocolate.

These Luchadors are taking two distinctly different approaches to this battle.  Klipsun is up in Red Mountain's business landing body blows.  Meanwhile, Red Mountain is displaying quickness and agility choosing to dart in and unleash fists of fury before scurrying away to safety.

The first round goes to Klipsun for being aggressive and unleashing a wicked atomic drop.

Round 2. One Hour after opening

Klipsun is standing in the middle of the ring taunting Red Mountain and pumping up the volume with a nose of licorice, menthol, black cherry, currants and dusty cocoa.  The palate is showing black cherry, toffee and cinnamon & clove spices with a bold tart semisweet chocolate and espresso bean finish.

Unleashing a flurry of speed and destruction Red Mountain sweeps in taking down the lumbering Klipsun Luchador with an amazingly precise and speedy arm drag.  The nose is showing cherries, spices and dark floral notes. The palate is full of spicy cherries, clove and menthol with a tart coffee bean and lightly chocolate finish.

Red Mountain evens up the score with blazing speed and spiciness.

Round 3. One day after opening

Both of these Luchadors are showing some serious stamina and no signs of backing down.

Klipsun moves in close trying to control Red Mountain with a side headlock.  The nose is showing dark black as night fruit, licorice, dusty brambles and some chocolate espresso bean and toffee smokiness lingering in the background.  The palate is big and intimidating with black cherry, cloves and licorice with a finish of menthol, eucalyptus, coffee bean, cocoa and toffee.

Red Mountain is scrapping, bobbing and weaving escaping the Klipsun's headlock making space and unleashing a mighty double kick.  The nose is lively with cherries and cocoa.  The palate also features cherries, all spice, cloves and some earthiness with a tart semisweet chocolate that lingers to the finish along with some hints of espresso bean.

This one was close with Red Mountain taking the fight to the bigger Klipsun Luchador and scoring a surprise victory by taking the final round.

Wrap up and overall observations

This was a great battle featuring two giants from opposite sides of the road on Red Mountain.  The Luchadors weren't messing around and you won't go wrong with either one of these as your champion.  Ultimately you can pick your style - The Klipsun is big and powerful like Chuck Norris or the Red Mountain light, agile and deadly like Bruce Lee.

The matchup was intriguing with these two Luchadors being made from grapes growing (literally) on either side of the same road.

These two Cabs from Laurelhurst are both solid Luchadors in my book and score 90s across the board.

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