Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Washington Rose v. Provence

This week the Tour de France route continued South and then took a right turn as the racers brushed by Provence and traced through the Rhone.  There has been plenty of action through le Alpes and then on to some "flatter" stages that still included some leg breaking climbs.  Bradley Wiggins is leading the Tour and his Team Sky domestiques have been controlling the race for the past week.  There are many conclusions after the first two weeks of racing and many believe that Wiggins will wear the Yellow Jersey onto the streets of the Champs-Elysees.

It is summer time and Provence is a region well known for Rose' wines.  The Lucha Vino challenge for this week features a Rose' Rumble.

2011 Tranche Cellars Pink Pape v. 2011 Aix en Provence Rose'

Tale of the Tape

2011 Tranche Cellars Pink Pape

Rose of Counoise, Cinsault and Syrah from the Columbia Valley AVA

Purchased from Bin 41 for $15.99.

2011 Aix en Provence Rose'

Rose of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Counoise all from estate fruit in the Coteaux d aix-en-provence AOC.

Purchased from Bin 41 for $15.99.

Round 1. First Opening

The AIX is sneaking into the ring on a covert mission with a nose featuring brambles, spices and light berries.  The palate shows strawberry, melon and apricot with an interesting tart finish.

The Pink Pape from Tranche has stars in its eyes and dy-no-mite up its sleeve.  The nose is full and rich with smoky mineral tinged strawberries and orange peel.  The palate features strawberry and melon with a slightly tart finish with just a hint of caramel.

Round 1 goes to Tranche.  I would keep my eye on the AIX, something is brewing and it isn't sun tea...

Round 2. One hour after opening

The AIX is mounting a sneak attack with a nose showing light red berries, spices and tamarind along with some light smoky pepper notes.  The palate is featuring apricots and melon with a slightly tart finish.

The Tranche is changing up too.  The nose has notes of watermelon, strawberry and cedar spices.  The palate is showing melon, strawberry and light white pepper in the tart orange peel finish.

AIX takes a surprise victory in round 2.

Round 3. One day after opening

The AIX is still gunning for some points.  The nose is showing tart strawberry, orange zest and some cedar brambles.  The palate is showing strawberry, melon and a touch of pepper spice with a finish that is tart mineral with light citrus.

The Tranche is wise to the French Luchador this time around with a nose that is bolder ripe strawberries along with a bit of funky peat and cedar.   The palate is featuring zesty light red berries, apricot and a slightly caramel finish.

After succumbing to the AIX sneak attack in round 2 the Tranche was not taking any chances.  Bulking up and throwing down with a wicked leg drop to take round 3 and the match.

Wrap up and overall observations

This was an interesting matchup.  The AIX was extremely light in color, but packed an unexpected punch.  Both of these wines had nice acicdity and paired well with food over the two days of this match.

I would give the AIX and the Tranche both an 89.

Special thanks to Jon at Bin 41 for helping with this week's selections.

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  1. Really love that Tranche Pink Pape, had it at Saffron in Walla Walla last week and it was fabulous. I will definitely keep my eye out for the AIX though. Nice match up!