Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tempranillo Tag Team

Still looking for wine inspiration at Thanksgiving?  Why not go with something a bit different... let's say something like Tempranillo?  This Spanish grape provides some nice tannins and spices that would go nicely with that Turkey, Goose or Duck that is about to be cooked.  It would be equally at home paired up against a pork roast, lamb or ham.

You get the idea.  This is one versatile Luchador.  And to prove that point this week's matchup features a Washington Tempranillo taking on a Tag Team duo of Killer V Tempranillos from Spain.

Tildio 2008 Estate Tempranillo v. Vina Vilano Ribera del duero 2005 and Valsacro 2005 Rioja

Tale of the Tape

2008 Tildio Estate Tempranillo from the Lake Chelan AVA

Aged in 50% new French Oak for 22 months.

Purchased at the winery for $21.00

2005 Vina Vilano Ribera del Duero

100% Tempranillo

Aged in American and French Oak barrels for 14 months with an additional 3 months in bottle.

Purchased from Wine til Soldout for $16.99

Note that the link for details is for the 2009 Crianza.

2005 Valsacro Rioja

Blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciana and Mazuelo from the Southern Slope of Mt. Yerga.

Aged in French oak barrels for 17 months.

Purchased from Garagiste for $19.99

Round 1.  First opening

The first Killer V from Spain to check in to the ring is the Valsacro.  The nose is showing candle wax and earthy bright cherries.  The palate is full of mouth puckering cherry, tart spices and coffee bean with the coffee bean and spice notes carrying over to the finish.

Tildio is showing some swagger with a robust nose featuring dark earthy fruit and roasted coffee notes.  The palate is also living large with dark currant and tart coffee bean flavors with some slight clove spices jumping in for the finish that is also quite dry.

Round 1 goes to the luchador from Tildio with a variety of powerful moves followed up with some tart taunting.

Round 2. One hour after opening

Valsacro tags in the Vina Vilano Tempranillo to see if it can stand up to Tildio's brash attacks.

Vina Vilano is energized taking the fight to Tildio with a nose featuring dark cherries, earthy pepper and some sweet dark toffee.  The palate has notes of dark cherry and tart spices with a dry coffee bean finish.

Tildio is dark and mysterious.  The Lake Chelan Luchador is coming off the top rope with a nose of dark fruit, roasted coffee and dusty spices.  The palate is also soaring with dark fruit and dry roasted coffee notes followed by some dry semi sweet chocolate on the finish.

The Killer V team is looking for an angle and a weakness in the Lake Chelan Luchador.  Vina Vilano stepped up the challenge, but Tildo still inflicted some serious damage with a flying body slam.  Score another round for Tildio.

Round 3. One day after opening

The Killer V team is sending Valsacro back into the ring for the start of round 3.  Valsacro has been hitting the weights and has bulked up with the nose showing earthy notes of dark cherry, currant and cracked pepper.  The palate has also bulked up with dark currant, cola, clove and cracked pepper with a tart menthol spicy finish.

Tildio is showing strength and stamina standing up to the Valsacro with a nose that continues to show dark fruit and roasted coffee.  The palate is also showing dark fruit, tart coffee bean and white pepper with tart notes of semi sweet chocolate on the finish.

What's this? Vina Vilano has launched a sneak attack slipping into the ring and catching Tildio by surprise in a full nelson.  The nose is showing bright cherry and earthy cracked pepper.  The palate is similar with cherry, cracked pepper and tart spices trailing off to a tart herbal spicy finish.

The Killer Vs have brought down Tildio with the dual attack.  Definitely not a sanctioned move and the Spanish Luchadors could be disqualified.

Wrap up and overall observations.

The Tempranillo tag team might have been a bit unfairly weighted in Spain's favor.  Even so, Tildio showed some supreme dominance with a nose and palate that was consistently robust.

All three luchadors showed different styles.  I would say the Spanish wines showed more affinity to being paired with your Thanksgiving meal while the Tildio was big and robust and might be better suited to serving with roasted pork.

Three cheers for all of these Thanksgiving luchadors!

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