Friday, January 25, 2013

Seattle v. Chelan in a BDX Style Brawl

Last year I started featuring Washington v. Washington wine brawls once a month.  I chose Cabernet Sauvignon as my focus for 2012.

In 2013 I am going to feature Seattle Urban Wineries taking on Lake Chelan AVA rivals.  There are some absolutely fabulous wines being made in both locales.  My hope is to crank up the volume and shine the spotlight on some awesome Washington wines each month.

First up is a match featuring Bordeaux Style blends dominated by Cabernet Franc.

2008 Fall Line Boushey Vineyard Red Blend v. 2009 Kamari Reserve Red from the Blending Room

Tale of the Tape

2008 Fall Line Boushey Vineyard Red Blend

43% Cabernet Franc, 29% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Boushey Vineyard in the Yakima Valley AVA

Aged for 18 months in French Oak Barrels (31% new).

Purchased at the winery for $28.

2009 Kamari Black Label Reserve Red Blend

37% Cabernet Franc, 31% Merlot, 26% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Malbec From the Wahluke Slope, Yakima Valley and Walla Walla Valley AVAs

Aged for 22 months in French and American Oak Barrels

Purchased at the winery for $36.

Round 1. First opening

Fall Line steps into the ring representing the Seattle Urban Wineries.  The nose is showing dark fruit, funky dark sandal wood and herbal notes.  The palate is dominated by tart dark cherries with a spicy tobacco leaf finish.

What's this? Kamari skates into the ring and delivers a wicked blow that knocks Fall Line right on its Boushey... What else would you expect from a winemaker that used to be known as Killer Bee-Otch while skating for the Rat City Rollergirls?  The nose is rich with currant, clove and light espresso bean.  The palate is ominous with black cherry, currant, clove and menthol spices with a dusty mole' inspired cinnamon and cocoa finish.

Kamari brings the thunder and takes the first round with relative ease.

Round 2. One hour after opening

Fall Line is mixing things up with a nose of dark fruit, seaweed and peat bog.  The palate is expressive with dark cherry and tart coffee bean that leads to a tart cedar spiced finish.

Kamari is going for the kill.  Building some serious muscle and power with a nose of black cherry, currant, cocoa, espresso and cedar spices.  The palate is robust with black cherry, dusty dark spices and a finish that features cocoa infused with clove and menthol.

You have to give credit to Fall Line for standing tall and taking the fight to the Kamari.  Yet, to no avail, Kamari comes through with another victory in round 2.

Round 3. One day after opening

Fall Line has backed off a bit, looking to counter attack with a nose of cherries and sandal wood. The palate has bulked up with black cherry and tart cedar spices that trail off with a long dark cherry spice finish.

Kamari is bursting with power showing a nose of black cherry, currant and brambly cracked pepper.  The palate is showing plenty of stamina with dark cherry, cocoa and espresso bean with menthol and clove spices all wrapped up with a spicy cracked pepper finish.

Score another one for the Kamari.

Wrap up and over all observations.

This match was dominated by the Kamari Reserve Red Blend due to its rich and lusty power.  This is a big bold wine.  If you like your wines dark, spicy and mysterious you need to seek this one out.

Even though the Fall Line got out pointed 3 zip that should not be taken as a sign of weakness.  The Boushey Vineyards red blend has plenty of character and should not be messed with.  In fact, this brawl spilled over into the back alley and both of these Luchadors showed some serious stamina getting better and better over the course of 5 days.

I give the Kamari an 89 and the Fall Line an 88.  Keep both of these in the cellar for a few more years and they will surely knock you for a loop.

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